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About Tyrian Rangers

We are a family friendly RP guild whose focus is on providing a casual relaxed gaming environment in Guild Wars 2.

 Our role playing setting is simple.  We are a group of rangers banded together to patrol the lands to seek out threats to the races of Tyria.  Upon finding these threats we seek to do our part in neutralizing and removing the threat.  To perform this task rangers are self sufficient and free enabling them to meet the threats creatively and independently.  What binds us together is the commonality of our goal.  Our motto is Veni Vidi Vixi represented in game by VVV.  I came I Saw I lived.  We came we saw and we lived the adventure set before us.  Will you join us as we explore the lands of Tyra?


Our Rules are simple

Be Polite 

Be Respectful

Keep forums and in game chat family friendly


((Our original members are part of a guild of rangers that extends over Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2.  Our Guild wars 2 guild is the Tyrian Rangers and meet on the Tarnished Coast Server.   Our star wars guild is the Rangers of Ithilien which meets on Begeren Colony.  Our Lord of the Rings guild is the Dunadain of Ithilien on Landroval server and their website can be viewed at

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